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Do Not Fear the Slaughterbot Drone Scenario Because It Won't Work

•, by Brian Wang

They work by blasting electromagnetic noise at the radio frequencies that drones use to operate and emit information. This drowns out the conversation between a drone and its operator. The UK estimates that Ukraine is losing 10,000 drones each month to jamming.

This is showing that the fictional Slaughterbot scenario will not work in modern warfare. the movie proposed that a $25 million order of unstoppable drones can kill half a city. The 10,000 drones being destroyed each month on the Ukrainian side of the war is about the $25 million worth of drones. The smaller drones that are working in the Ukraine war are fast launched short range systems for flying a few hundred feet and dropping a grenade. There is minimal flight control needed. Large swarms of small drones would get hit by larger jamming systems. The jamming systems are constantly operating.