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Judge Rules Against Parental Right to Opt-Out of LGBTQ Material.


The books may also contain sexually explicit material. Initially, parents could choose to opt their children out of reading and learning about the material, but the board for Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) later stripped parents of this right and no longer warned parents when the controversial material would be introduced in class. Three families from different religious backgrounds sued the school system. Attorneys representing the parents have already filed a notice of appeal.

Dr. Joel Beidleman, a principal at a MCPS middle school, was promoted to principal of a high school, despite at least 18 reports by staff and teachers of sexual harassment and bullying that were submitted to the school district over the past seven years. The school system has hired a law firm to independently investigate the allegations and how he was able to advance to a job with a salary close to $200,000. He is on administrative leave.

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