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COVID 2.0? Biden planning to LOCK DOWN and MASK America starting in mid-September,...

• Natural News - Ethan Huff

Whistleblowers from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Border Patrol say that another round of lockdowns, mask mandates, and other tyranny are coming down the pike mid-September, complements of fake president Joe Biden.

According to reports, this COVID 2.0 scenario will be incremental now that the corporate-controlled media is signaling the alleged emergence of another "highly mutated variant" of the Wuhan coronavirus that they are calling BA.2.86.

Even the New York Post, which is normally more skeptical of official government narratives, is fearmongering about BA.2.86, asking in a headline: "should we be wearing masks?"

The answer, of course, is a definitive no. Not only do face masks do absolutely nothing except make a person look stupid, but they also cause serious harm by restricting proper oxygen intake while overloading a person's body with carbon dioxide (CO2), eventually triggering a nasty case of hypoxia.

(Related: Did you know that Biden created a permanent federal agency to deal with future "pandemics?" This means they are definitely going to unleash another round of lockdown terror when the time is right.)

Will this be the final "pandemic" that transitions the world into a new age?

According to the first source from TSA who spoke with Infowars about the matter, there are new memorandums and policies circulating within the federal agency that suggest forced masking of TSA employees, followed by forced masking of all airport employees, will begin as early as mid-September.

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