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With COVID's man-made origins being revealed, it's worth re-examining the dark origins...

•, by PeterParadise

Lyme disease being a government bioweapon is *not* a conspiracy theory.

It's one of the *leading mainstream theories* about the origins of the disease.

So much so that in 2019 a bipartisan majority in congress ordered the Pentagon to report on their weaponization of ticks.

So what is lyme disease?

It's a bizarre tickborne illness that infects half a million Americans a year.

The spiral shaped borrelia bacteria is similar to syphilis. Besides fatigue and arthritis-like symptoms, it also delivers Alzheimer-like symptoms to some.

In 1975 Lyme disease was first recognized by scientists as a distinct illness. It wasn't until 1981 that the famous medical entomologist and tick expert Willy Burgdorfer discovered the biological agent causing the disease.

Dr. Burgdorfer was hailed as a hero.

But he harbored a dark secret.

He wasn't an ordinary scientist.

He was actually a biological weapons scientist who spent his career infecting insects with the worst diseases known to man.

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