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RFK Jr. Admits Existence of US Biolabs in Ukraine

•, by Sputnik

"We have bio-labs in Ukraine because we are developing bioweapons, and these weapons involve all sorts of cutting-edge synthetic biology technologies like CRISPR and genetic engineering methods that were not available to the previous generation," the politician said.

He noted that in 2001, the US began investing heavily in bioweapons again, but had concerns because "violating the Geneva Convention is a crime," so it transferred management of biological security to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Kennedy added that the development of any biological weapon requires a vaccine, since there is a "100 percent chance" of blowback when bioweapons are used.

In a stunning revelation from February 2022, the Russian Defense Ministry unveiled the presence of 30 military biological labs in Ukraine, allegedly funded by the US with a staggering $200 million. Moscow claimed that these were only a fraction of a global network of 300 similar facilities. The US denied the allegations, escalating tensions between the two nations.