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Why Novels Are a Richer Experience Than Movies

• arclein

When it comes to putting the viewer inside the head of a character … the movies have been stymied. In attempting to create an interior point of view, they have tried everything, from the use of a voice-over that speaks the character's thoughts, to subtitles that write them out, to the aside, in which the actor turns toward the camera in the midst of a scene and simply says what he's thinking. … But nothing works; nothing in the motion-picture arts can put you inside the head, the skin, the central nervous system of another human being the way a realistic novel can. Funnily enough, what often makes us think of a movie as artful, rather than mere entertainment, is when filmmakers try their hardest to portray minds in a deep "character-driven" way. Meaning that we judge movies as artful when they attempt to approximate the novel. An ironic fact, since they can never approach the novel's mastery of this.