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Trump Coming Back Is Already Spooking Western Elites

• Zero Hedge

Authored by Martin Jay,

Should western elites and even NATO itself be afraid of Donald Trump returning to the White House in 2024? It's an entirely valid question given that the elites' own 'news' website in Brussels – Politico – penned a piece recently which argued not only should they be bothered, but they should also prepare themselves for it right now.

Trump's return as U.S. president is looking more and more inevitable by the day, driven by the nefarious meddling of the Biden administration and its determination to put him into jail, where they, erroneously, think his bid for the White House ends.

Even the most obscure French MP which Politico wheeled out to endorse its article accepts this, so what would 2024 look like with Trump back in the Oval Office for Europeans?

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When Trump gets back in office, one of his most difficult problems will be his fight against BRICS. Maybe the US should apply for entrance into BRICS.