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De-Banked: It's Only a Matter of Time Before It Happens to You

•, by Nick Giambruno

They won't even tell you why they are closing your account, and you will probably have trouble opening accounts at other banks.

De-banking is a disturbing and growing trend.

In short, the ruling elite—parasites, more accurately—have weaponized the banking system to enforce conformity to their preferred narrative.

If you don't lap up their lies about Covid, climate, elections, wars, rising crime, or whatever the media is hyping as the "current thing," expect the financial hammer to come down on you without warning.

You could lose your ability to take payment from your customers and pay your bills at the drop of a hat.

We've seen banks close the accounts of prominent doctors critical of the Covid mass hysteria and politicians opposed to schemes to centralize power on a global level (globalism).

However, for every example of a bank closing a high-profile person's account, hundreds—or thousands—of other ordinary people likely receive the same despicable treatment but are never heard from.

Every day people are losing their ability to interact in the economy because the elite have determined they committed a thought crime.

Interestingly, the banks never canceled the accounts of the warmongers who spread the lies about WMD in Iraq or the liars that led to the toppling of the Ghadafi government in Libya and the liars that fueled the Syrian conflict.