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Northern lights and the Oort Cloud

• arclein

Northern lights and the Oort Cloud Again the natural inferances drawn from Cloud cosmology surprise and actually make a wide range of known phenoms a lot clearer and even simpler. Understand that we have reached the point of understanding that NNP production by the Sun forms the Corona where NNP to hydrogen decay produces heat and a lot of outward accelerating hot protons. Understand that the volume of the Corona is way greater than that of the Sun itself. We also have free electrons of course. this produces an expanding cloud that also carries NNPs and NNP complexes that reaches the Oort cloud and external presswure halting further movement. It is here that it appears that decay of NNP complexes into known elements likely takes place which may well allow gravity to take greater effect. now it appears likely that the northern lights are formed by inflowing hydrogen protons picking up an electron and emiting light. There likely will be other ions of course,