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Bud Light's Popularity At Bars And Restaurants Is "Almost Non-Existent"

• Zero Hedge

Union, a data-driven hospitality engagement platform with a point-of-sales system in bars and restaurants nationwide, published a new report showing Bud Light's "fall from No. 1 was swift following the marketing controversy that spurred a nationwide boycott." 

"Sales of what was once America's best-selling beer dropped 2.6 points from 11.3 percent dollar sales share to 8.73 percent at Union's network of thousands of high-volume venues in the first week of the boycott alone," the report said. 

It continued, "That sales spiral continued throughout Q2 at Union venues as the boycott took a stronghold across the US, dropping 34 percent in sales share compared to the prior year, since the fallout began on April 1."