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Vast Hordes Of Americans Are Being Forced Out Into The Streets As The Middle Class Disintegrates

• by Michael Snyd

That is the sort of question that not a lot of us like to think about.  But the truth is that homelessness is growing at a very rapid pace all over the country right now.  But if you have lots of money, life probably seems pretty good to you at the moment.  You may eat at a different restaurant every night, and you may be one of the approximately 10 million Americans that currently own a second home.  Our leaders made the wealthy even wealthier by pumping trillions of dollars into the system in recent years, but as the cost of living has soared the poor have gotten even poorer and the middle class has steadily disintegrated.  So now the gap between the wealthy and the rest of the nation is larger than ever, and that is creating a tremendous amount of tension in our society.

In California, vast hordes of homeless people sleep in the shadows of multi-million dollar homes every single night.