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REPORT: San Diego's 'Safe Sleeping' Site for the Homeless Remains Nearly Empty Since Ope

•, By Mike LaChance

Apparently, it's not very popular with the city's homeless people because nearly a week after opening, it's pretty much empty.

Critics have pointed to issues like the heat and the fact that there are no shower facilities on site. People who wish to bathe have to make a request and get transported to a separate location.

KUSI News reports:

The City of San Diego is taking action on the out-of-control homeless crisis that has more than tripled since Mayor Todd Gloria took office.

The all Democrat City Council narrowly passed Councilmember Stephen Whitburn's Safe Sleeping Ordinance, which aims to provide homeless people a place to live. Mayor Todd Gloria himself has touted the Safe Sleeping sites as major successes, as his staff attacks people online who dare criticize the setup.

The safe sleeping site features tents on a black pavement, with no shade. Temperatures on the ground have been recorded at 140 degrees, which San Diegans have pointed out to Gloria's staff.

Director of Communications for Mayor Gloria, Rachel Laing, has been very vocal about how great the Safe Sleeping site is, insisting that the heat is bearable because "there is a breeze most of the day."

The shower thing seems to be a sticking point.