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El Dorado County Group Mulls Secession From California

•, by Jill McLaughlin

If enough residents support the idea, the Republic for El Dorado State group will take the matter directly to Congress, bypassing the state Legislature that has squashed numerous past attempts.

"We're trying to find a way for it to happen without having to go to California on our knees, begging for them to release us. Because we know they will not," one of the organizers, Sharon Durst, told The Epoch Times.

The county encompasses about 1,800 square miles along the Sierra Nevada and includes South Lake Tahoe, Placerville, Pollock Pines, Fallen Leaf, Meeks Bay and many other small towns and villages.

Today, the rural county of less than 200,000 people attracts tourists to its wine country and recreational offerings.

According to the website for the group, "The residents of El Dorado County have no local state or congressional representation. None of the state or federal representatives that serve El Dorado County, live in El Dorado County."

They also say the "invasion" at the state's border, sanctuary policies, and rampant crime violate the county's rights.

The group has only officially met once in May but are planning to hold another town hall July 10.

If allowed to secede, El Dorado State could create its own constitution and a style of living that the locals want, according to Durst.