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Leonardo D-AI Vinci? Nifty AI tool turns your bad sketches into artwork in seconds...


Many of us dream of being an artist at one point in our lives, but dodgy sketching can often stop us from getting there. 

Now, these dreams may soon be possible, as a new tool can transform your bad doodles into masterpieces thanks to the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

Tech giant Qualcomm unveiled its game-changing ControlNet software earlier this week, which turns image prompts into whatever you like within 12 seconds.

Unlike many other models of its kind - such as Adobe AI Firefly - ControlNet surprisingly doesn't need the internet to function and could soon be a major mobile phone app.

While it has not yet been released, the firm claims that producing images here will be completely private, with no data backed up to a third-party cloud.

'Generative AI has taken the world by storm, disrupting traditional ways of creating content,' a Qualcomm spokesman said. 

'ControlNet allows users to input a text description of an image as well as an additional image to control the generative process.'