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Satanic Temple to Host 'Let Us Burn' Concerts at State Capitols...

• The Gateway Pundit

The Satanic Temple is planning to host a "Let Us Burn" concert series at multiple state capitols in protest of Christian musician Sean Feucht's ongoing "Let Us Worship" tour.

The organization has taken issue with Feucht being permitted to perform in several state capitol buildings and is demanding that their band, Satanic Planet, be allowed to perform in them as well.

Satanic Planet's frontperson is also the co-founder of the Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves.

In a statement about the planned concerts, Greaves said that his band must be allowed to perform because "that stage is every bit as much ours as it is his."

"Feucht is openly a theocrat who courts the attention of politicians and seeks to proselytize through his performances," Greaves said. "He has his opinions, and we have ours, but one thing the government can not do is preference his viewpoint over ours by giving him exclusive access to perform a concert on the Capitol grounds. That stage is every bit as much ours as it is his, so, in the name of pluralism and religious liberty, there are some state capitols that are likely soon to be hosting Satanic Planet shows."