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Proposed California bill would brand parents abusive if they refuse to affirm their transgender -


Assembly Bill 957 would classify not affirming a child's gender as 'abuse' 

State Rep. Lori Wilson said affirming a child's gender is 'in their best interest 

Parents could lose custody of their child if they do not affirm their gender

A proposed amendment to a bill in California would classify parents who refuse to affirm their child's gender as abusive and could result in revoked custody. 

AB957, proposed by Democratic Assemblymember Lori Wilson and state Senator Scott Wiener, amends the state Family Code which addresses the 'health, safety, and welfare of the child' in every household. 

If passed, the law could see children pulled from their parents' home if their family members have what the state deems anti-LGBTQ+ ideals. 

Rep. Wilson - who has a transgender son - said during a recent meeting that she believes parents supporting their child's gender is in the 'best interests' of the kid.    

'We should be affirming our children in every possible way,' she said of the proposed last-minute addition to the Family Code bill.