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New '0% Handgun' Shows Biden's ATF Losing Control Over Regulating 2nd Amendment

• by Tyler Durden

According to court documents, ATF did not analyze their "Frame or Receiver Rule," also known as Biden's Ghost Gun Rule, under the Supreme Court's NYSRPA v. Bruen decision.

The case is being litigated in the 5th Circuit, and the injunction allows Defense Distributed to sell ghost gun kits legally.

While there is evidence to support a likely pro-gun ruling in the 5th Circuit, it's not a guarantee. Defense Distributed seems aware of this fact and designed a new product to continue the proliferation of privately made firearms regardless of the outcome of VanDerStok

In April 2022, Defense Distributed revealed their 0% Receiver, which using the "Ghost Gunner" CNC machine, mills an AR-15 lower receiver out of a solid block of aluminum. This process saves owners of these items from the "readily converted" language that ATF is currently using in its Frame or Receiver rule to classify 80% frames as regulated items subject to a background check. 

Building off this format, the newest firearm to receive the 0% treatment from Defense Distributed is the handgun. This new 0% handgun utilizes the Sig Sauer P320 family of handguns originally designed for the US military.