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DCYF social worker lies attempting to put Good Parents in Jail, for allowing toddler to nap in car.

• Jay Noone -

Jay Noone reads the affidavit from an "Expedited Motion to Intervene," submitted in 6th Circuit-Family division Hillsborough Court, Hillsborough New Hampshire.

Coombs stated many lies in said affidavit that include, paragraph 8

 "Henniker Police...state...(Noones)... are anti-government, live on a compound with look outs...dangerous" (emphasis added)

The above lies where rebutted by the affidavit of Henniker Police that is read by Jay Noone in video

On March 29th 2022 Henniker Chief Of Police Matt French stated to DCYF "...It was clear to me that these children were not neglected"

it should have stopped right here,

On April 1, 2022 Jay Noone offered to allow Henniker Police to complete assessment in order to resolve the situation.  As the State has well documented history of using extreme violence against peaceful people who chose to exercise their right to be left alone. DCYF told police they were not qualified, to do the assessment"

But the people at NH DCYF continued to escalate the situation with more deception and lies.

On April 15th 2022 a "Motion for Contempt of Order to Enter Premises" submitted by co-conspirator Ross A McLeod, Esq N.H. Bar # 17806 NHDCYF Phone # (603) 573-8708 and signed under the pains and penalties of perjury by Melissa Coombs

Whereas Coombs lied some more, these lies include but are not limited to. Jay's daughter "..running around outside the restaurant, down a walk way, around the bend before Mr. Noone grabbed her"

This lie was rebutted by the Henniker Police  

this "Motion for Contempt of Order to Enter Premises"  was also submitted to Family Court, because Jay Noone rejected DCYF's offer to contract with him. Jay rejected their offer because he simply internet searched "NH DCYF settlements" and discovered DCYF has paid out more then 100 million dollars in settlements in recent history, for damages and looses to Children, youth and Families, caused by DCYF employees' gross negligence and incompetence.  

The Order to enter Premises, orders a "Police Officer, juvenile probation officer and parole officer or child protection worker shall..."   this order does not compel Jay or Shalon to perform, and Ross A. Mcleod Esq, should know this, this guy is either incompetent or evil.

On April 27 2022 the Henniker Police Department submitted "Expedited Motion to Intervene."  "To correct the record..on filings previously submitted by DCYF which, based on the record, are premised on gross mischaracterization of the facts"

Family court vacated contempt order against Shalon and Jay on April 27th, 2022

Then On the same day April, 27th 2022, Concord police officer Justin D. Gallicchio Badge # 71 issued an arrest warrant for Jay's wife Shalon utilizing the vague and ambiguous charge of "child endangerment."  Jay believes the concord police issued the arrest warrant in retaliation for standing up against DCYF and calling out their crimes against humanity on Free Talk Live and the internet.

Meanwhile, 5 year old Montgomery Harmony was still missing (DCYF lost her, she was later found dead) and DCYF is getting reports of children being abused and neglected,  while DCYF is constantly claiming their "case load" is to much to handle, and DCYF is begging for more money, while spending tremendous man power and resources attempting to determine if Jay Noone's kids are being abused or neglected.

We all know damn well, DCYF is a child trafficking organization that wants to enter premise, and interview children alone (get $$ from Feds) so the social workers can say, "there is abuse or neglect" then take children (get more $$  from Feds), then put children up for adoption (get more $$ from Feds),  (Jay's opinion) to offer said children to the friends of social workers who are childless.

It is well known that healthy White children that have not been neglected or abused, are the children that are in the highest demand and bring the highest dollar value.

Jay's intentions are to have all the people involved in this conspiracy to deprive his family of rights, time, happiness and peace, to be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Jay also intends  to bring civil actions against HHS, DCYF, Concord Police, Concord City Prosecutors office and Merrimack County Prosecutors office, and their actors, for deprivation of rights.

This kind of stuff can't be made up, but can only happen because the government has the ability to create money out of thin air, (fractional reserve banking), the fact the qualified immunity for government employees has created a culture of Irresponsible parasites that seek position, of power and influence in government.

All it takes for evil to prevail is good men to do nothing.

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