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The Electric Codpiece

• by Eric

In fact, so is going even a little faster than whatever the speed limit is.

EV people ought to think about this a little.

In many states, anything much over 80 can land you in jail – and your vehicle in the impound lot. Even 1 MPH faster than whatever the posted limit happens to be in every state can result in what is styled a "ticket" – the term used to describe the money you'll be obliged to hand over for "speeding," defined as driving even 1 MPH faster than whatever the government says is lawful.

This is very quick, indeed.

But what is the point of this capability, if you can't use it – or dare not? Is it not like the codpieces worn by Medieval nobility to showcase what they weren't using?

But EV people – many of them – like (and buy) EVs specifically because they are fast. Or rather, because they can accelerate very quickly. This attribute is also usually the first one touted by the company that's trying to sell the EV. It can get to 60 in 2.9 seconds!