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Inflation & Biden Regulations Are Making Life Hard; Small Business Owners Say

• by Michael Clements

Silvia Lee, executive vice president, and Chief Lending Officer for First Community Bank in Corpus Christi, Texas, said a commercial customer told her he felt targeted.

"He mentioned that he feels our government doesn't want small businesses to succeed and only wants large companies in business," she told the House Committee on Small Business at a June 7 hearing.

David Zittel, a vegetable farmer from New York, called on Congress to protect small businesses.

"The Zittels hope that vegetables will always be grown on our land for generations to come, and we look forward to carrying on the farming tradition but also look to Congress to ensure that laws and regulations do not put us out of business," Zittel said.

Zittel and the other witnesses said regulation is raising the cost of doing business to the point that they are in danger of pricing their products out of the market.

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