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The Fertile Will Inherit the Earth

• by Brian Wang

500 Japanese schools close in the country every year. Nomura Holdings, Japan's largest investment bank, estimates that there are more than 10 million empty houses and apartments. Large chunks of Japan are falling into disrepair. Japan should give the empty houses to the families who are willing breed and have children.

Public education is free only until children reach the age of 15 but in any case, families want private education for their children across the board, because it's considered better. Care in nurseries or the health system is not universally covered. Prime Minister Kishida has recognized that action must be taken to change this situation. On Thursday, June 1, he announced his intention to redouble public spending on childcare, to bring it up to the level of Sweden.

We have never brought a country back up to replacement rate after it fell below replacement. Replacement means that the mother is replaced with a daughter who also has children. Averaging 2.1 children means 1 boy and 1 girl who end up also having children. 0.1 is for the children who do not go on to reproduce. The best at stimulating low births higher births is Sweden. 

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