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Deep Diving the Fed's Killer Whale Crisis

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00:00 Intro - the "regional banking crisis" label is deceptive and laughable
02:13 Solvency vs. liquidity
04:55 Visual depiction of a liquidity crisis
10:30 1st way bank liquidity (deposits) is created: bank loans
11:51 2nd way bank liquidity (deposits) is created: Fed asset purchases from non-banks
16:17 This crisis—a liquidity crisis—is caused by the Fed's creation of whale deposits
17:15 Senate hearing confirms: whale deposits killed Silicon Valley Bank
20:46 Killer whale deposits, not apps, caused this banking crisis
23:05 Forensic evidence proves Fed created whale deposits
27:39 Shills who say the Fed can't create bank deposits are lying
29:40 How the Fed passed trillions of dollars to the whales