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REVEALED: Pentagon 'leaker' Jack Teixeira shared file claiming CIA had details of...


Accused Pentagon leaker Jack Teixiera allegedly shared a file in his bombshell data dump that claimed the CIA knew about a Ukrainian military plot to blow up the Nord Stream pipeline.  

It is alleged that the Biden administration learned of the plan three months before the pipeline was attacked on September 26, 2022. 

The document, first reported by the Washington Post, stated plans to deploy a covert team of divers enlisted by the Ukrainian military to target the pipeline. 

In the September incident, a series of bombs blew up a pipeline system in the Baltic Sea that was majority controlled by Russian state-owned gas company Gazprom. 

Investigations into the attack have been ongoing for months, but no definitive perpetrator has yet been found. 

Plans to target the pipeline were initially picked up by an unnamed European intelligence service, before they were shared with the CIA in June 2022. 

Details of the European intelligence reporting were later posted on online platform Discord, allegedly by suspected Pentagon leaker Jack Teixiera.

Teixiera was arrested in April on suspicion of orchestrating the biggest US intelligence leak in a decade, where he was allegedly the ringleader of a clandestine online chat group and published top secret Pentagon documents under the username 'Jack the Dripper'.

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