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"Infuriating": College Tuition Made Free For Illegal Immigrants In Minnesota

•,by Naveen Anthrapully

HF 2073 is a bill related to higher education, which includes the North Star Promise tuition fee program. North Star Promise allows eligible students in the state, including illegal immigrants, to be eligible for 100 percent free college tuition, provided their family adjusted gross income is less than $80,000. The tuition fee is applicable for enrollees in a two- or four-year program within the University of Minnesota or the Minnesota state systems.

The bill passed both the state House and Senate, with Governor Tim Walz, a Democrat, approving the program on May 24. The legislature's Democratic majority had voted in support of the bill.

Applicants should have graduated from a Minnesota high school or must have lived within the state for at least a year without getting enrolled in college for six months. They also should have applied for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or state aid.

North Star Promise will begin in the 2024–25 academic year. It will cost roughly $117 million in the fiscal year beginning July 1, following which it is estimated to cost around $49.5 million every year. The program will only cover tuition costs left after deducting state and federal grants as well as institutional scholarships.

"INFURIATING: While middle-class students who were born in the U.S. or came here legally have to pay their own tuition, illegal aliens in Minnesota get free tuition," @amuse, the author of Politique Republic substack, stated in a tweet on June 3.