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BITCH, PLEASE! Land of the Libtards

• by Steven Tucker

But might there be some evidence homosexuality itself is either a cause, or even an outright form, of actual mental illness?

Homosexuality was officially listed as a debilitating mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association until as recently as 1973, when it was suddenly reclassified as a mere form of "sexual orientation disturbance"—i.e., a perversion.

In a vote, about 6,800 APA members wanted it removed, so they could bum one another more freely, and about 3,800 wanted it retained, so they could continue to visit the bathroom safely during their conferences. This vote, every bit as split down the middle as Liberace's sphincter, indicates clearly that what any given society considers to constitute madness is at least partly a matter of subjective social convention.