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Gateway Pundit Interviews Jan 6 Antifa Whistleblower Landon Copeland from Prison -

• By Jim Hoft

Disclaimer: We can neither confirm nor deny the allegations by Mr. Copeland at this time. We can confirm that several of our contacts in the 'DC Gulag' who spend time with him believe his statements to be factual. We will update with any new information as we continue to investigate this report.

Andrew Copeland was sentenced to three years in prison in May 2023. Copeland already served two of those years while awaiting trial. Copeland reportedly pushed one member at the police on Jan. 6, he picked up a police shield during scuffles with police and he was filmed pulling on a bike rack in a tug-of-war with police.

For this he will serve three years in prison..

Copeland previously made headlines when he screamed at DC Judge Meriweather during a previous hearing in 2021.