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Lecturers Describe How Technology Affects Our Sleep and Not in a Good Way

• by B.N. Frank

Studies also continue to reveal that blue light from screens, LED light bulbs, and other sources is biologically harmful and can disrupt sleep (see also 1234567891011).  In fact, for several years already environmental and health experts – including the American Medical Association (AMA) – have issued warnings about the widespread use of LED streetlights.  Of course, other concerns are being raised about new technology disrupting sleep as well.

From The Conversation:

Technology is radically changing sleep as we know it

By Catherine CoveneyLoughborough University and Eric L HsuUniversity of South Australia

From sleep trackers to wakefulness drugs, the 21st century has seen an influx of new technology that could radically alter the way we sleep.

Many of these new technologies chase the dream of optimised slumber. They promise to help tailor our sleep schedules to fit around our social lives, help us sleep for longer or even skip a night's sleep altogether.

Here's how technology is permeating our sleep, and what the future holds.

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