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You Can't Vote Your Way Out Of A Mess You Never Voted Yourself Into

• by Caitlin J

Friendships will be shattered. Family dinners will be ruined. Social media activists will lose themselves in weeks-long flame wars. And, when all is said and done, the person sworn into office on January 2024 will oversee an administration which governs in more or less the same way as their predecessors.

As Tom Woods put it, no matter who you vote for, you get John McCain.

I'm writing this article now because I'm already getting a bunch of questions about this election and who I think is best and worst and why, and I know I'm going to get a whole lot more. Many Americans get so swept up in this thing it often looks odd to them seeing someone talking about their government without talking about the presidential race when it's in season. 

So to be perfectly clear I will not be supporting or cheerleading any candidate in this election. Not because I don't think Australians have a right to involve themselves in US politics (we absolutely do), but because US presidential elections are a performance designed to trick Americans into thinking they have any meaningful control over the major decisions that will be made by their government. 

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