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As Globalists Declare War On Farmers, Americans Better Be Prepared For Difficult Times -

• By Raymond Mhor

If you have been a long-time reader/viewer of my articles and videos, you know that I have been warning for some time now that we will see mass food shortages to the point of famine in most of the world. 

Now, will famine hit here in the US? 

No, we are one of the few nations that can produce all the input needs – fuel, fertilizer, seed, national supply chains, etc. We have the ability to grow a lot of food for our nation's needs. 

BUT… here is the sticking point. 

Because we are a significant food producer, the rest of the world will be coming to us as their global grocery store. 

What this, in turn, will cause is food here to go up massively in price. 


It is the simple rule of supply and demand. The world will show up on our doorstep with heaps of money, and whoever has the most money will get the food. 

So even though we have the capacity to produce a lot of food, the average American family will be in competition with countries with bigger wallets. 

Below is a map of the world and the nations that need to import food, nations that import and export and the nations that have enough to export, mainly the US.