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The Death Of Jordan Neely: Why Vigilantes Are A Good Thing

•, By Brandon Smith

With the few shots Rittenhouse fired from his AR15 rifle, he managed to hit a convicted pedophile, a convicted domestic abuser, and a third assailant with a decade-long record of theft and violence. The first two died and the third survived; the rest of the mob ran away.

Statistically speaking, how was this even possible? Apparently you can't spit in any direction at a BLM or Antifa protest without hitting a hardcore criminal, and it proves that leftist mobs are often made up of the worst kinds of people.  The kind of people attracted to riot environments because of the opportunities they provide to satiate criminal tendencies, all while those psychopaths pretend to to be fighting for a cause. Rittenhouse did the world a favor that day.

When Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges, leftists were furious. The corporate media and even the White House had spent the better part of a year trying to demonize him as a "racist" (even though no one who got shot was a minority), and a "right wing extremist." Even now, many on the political left still argue that Rittenhouse should be punished if only because his vindication in court might lead to even more acts of "right-wing vigilantism."

My question is, what is wrong with vigilantism? Since the media is going to conflate self defense with vigilantes, lets really get to the root of the issue here – If a person or organization is belligerently opposed to self defense and good samaritans, I have to wonder if it's because they have their own criminal intent?

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