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How Much Is a Tesla Cybertruck and When Is the Release Date?

•, by Alex Ramos

The problem is that the Cybertruck was announced in November 2019, and it's still missing from the electric pickup truck segment.

Rivian and Ford have wreaked havoc in its absence and have taken over the electric pickup market. Which begs the question: When will the Cybertruck come to market, and how much will it cost?

The Tesla Cybertruck wowed the world when it was introduced by Elon Musk, even if the introduction didn't go quite according to plan. The Cybertruck was supposed to be the most impressive pickup truck ever conceived; it even featured armored windows, which would be impervious to metal objects launched directly at them.

But a major failure occurred on stage the day the Cybertruck was introduced. The glass cracked during the demonstration that was supposed to show how tough it was, and Elon looked ready to fire a lot of people. However, in true Tesla fashion, the fiasco magnified the hype surrounding the Cybertruck. Memes began to rain, and the press went crazy. The only thing anyone talked about the next day was the Cybertruck's armored glass.

But the truck itself also got tons of attention, and deservedly so, because many of the specs that Elon Musk raved about on stage were extremely impressive. The Cybertruck was (and still is) unlike anything we've ever seen. The shape is straight out of a science fiction movie, and the performance numbers promised during the unveiling are astounding.