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Dr. Jane Ruby STAT: Government protects killer doctors by granting them blanket immunity...

• by Kevin Hughes

The "Dr. Jane Ruby STAT!" host also showed footage of Renz discussing the evidence during a press conference. According to the "Lawfare" host, the government wanted to protect doctors and hospitals engaged in this COVID-19 murder by giving them immunity in all but the most egregious cases.

Renz shared that a whistleblower pharmacist came to him with a recording of her conversation with an official from the Ascension healthcare system. The pharmacist told the official that the COVID-19 protocols they were doing would hasten the death of people. However, she was told to shut up and simply follow the protocol.

The Ohio lawyer added that he is now in possession of the whistleblower's recordings that prove the hospital killing fields are active and intentional. Moreover, he said the pharmacist's lawsuit is now moving forward.

"This is a health system in particular with 139 hospitals across 19 American states," Ruby pointed out. "How many innocent Americans have been slaughtered? This is the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] protocol incentivized with huge bonuses at every step a patient encounters when they go to a hospital."