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Adolf Hitler old man pic and passport. He came to Argentina and got hidden in Patagonia

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Carlos Perciavalle a chilling story: the day he saw Adolf Hitler in Bariloche.

?The king of the café-concert turns 82 with the certainty of having seen the German leader and his lover Eva Braun. He was with his great friend China Zorrilla.

And he recounted the event this way with his great friend: "We were having tea with China Zorrilla in the restaurant of a very nice hotel in Bariloche and the waiter told us that since we were very important artists who came from Buenos Aires, the owner of the place wanted to meet us. He told us that he lived next door and out of pure rabble we went to meet him."

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There are hundreds of FBI documents regarding Hitler, including reports of alleged witnesses to Hitler survival in Argentina.

Some pages are heavily redacted, others are not.

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