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The Political Circus Worship Is Gaining Ground Quickly: Why?

• By Gary D. Barnett

Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72

I hate politics! Period! Politics is nothing more than the lowest form of human seeking power over others; liars, cheats, attention-getters, murderers, and psychopathic maniacs, who will say anything to get elected, and then act as their immoral normal selves once in power. This is inclusive of 'almost' all of them regardless of their rhetoric-spewing. But as always, the masses gather round, and find their choice of slime to support. It matters not what history has shown over eternity; it matters not that the outcome is worse every single election cycle; it matters not that they are lied to over and over again perpetually; it matters not that their freedoms are endlessly destroyed, and their families harmed.

The very idea of politics is disgusting and completely stupid. Purposely voting for a master's rule over you, is in and of itself pathetic. It would have to be described as insanity, for to voluntarily choose a ruling class with power over all people, a government, is asinine on its face, and telling of the weakness and cowardice of the common man who can do nothing for himself, but expects his political choice to do everything for him. He expects to be told how to live, he is inundated with orders and mandates backed by immoral 'laws,' all upheld by brutal force. This show will all be sanctioned and paid for by the same enslaved voters who agreed to their own demise.