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Narcissists, Frauds, and Enablers: Trans Men and Women's Sports | Riley Gaines | EP 356

•, Jordan B Peterson

Gaines breaks down the breach in security that women face when forced to share vulnerable spaces with biological men, the purpose of athletic achievement, why segregation of the sexes has genuine merit, and what exactly went down at San Francisco State University.

Riley Gaines is an American athlete and female rights activist. Gaines is a graduate from the University of Kentucky, where she was a twelve-time All-American swimmer. She competed and tied with trans-identifying swimmer Lia Thomas at their NCAA championships and was unfairly sidelined from the awards ceremony. She has spoken to numerous teammates and administrators who do not think this attack on female sports is fair, and more importantly, do not feel this invasion by men into female spaces is remotely safe. Gaines has become an outspoken female rights activist, advocating for the protection of women's spaces, sports, and achievements, and has proven herself unshakable even when faced with a dangerous mob.