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New Federal Disinformation Offices Created



The Intercept recently reported the creation of two new federal offices to combat disinformation. The Pentagon will oversee the "Influence and Perception Management Office," which is consistent with the fact that "Perception Management" is an old DoD euphemism for psychological warfare and deception. According to the investigative journalist Robert Parry, who covered the Iran-Contra Affair, the Reagan and first Bush Administrations adopted the techniques of "Perception Management" for the objective of overcoming the American public's "Vietnam Syndrome"—that is, its reluctance to get involved in foreign military adventures that were widely perceived as fruitless and likely to end badly.

Given that the federal government is already a Leviathan of agencies for conducting propaganda, influence, and surveillance operations, one wonders why it is necessary to create new offices for these activities. The new Biden Administration offices are purportedly to keep the homeland and its people safe from dangerous foreign adversaries. More likely they will work round the clock to keep our people insulated from outside sources of information that would serve to counterbalance U.S. government and MSM propaganda.