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San Diego man ordered to take down his live cameras pointed at the Bay for 10 YEARS...


A San Diego man whose livestream captured two U.S. Navy ships nearly colliding in the local harbor has been ordered by the military branch to take the cameras down. 

Barry Bahrami says he was told by the Navy Criminal Investigative Service and National Park Service that he cannot have a live stream because it shows military activity in the area. 

The man told one local San Diego outlet that his group has been filming for a decade, but was only ordered after the near-miss incident was captured. 

'We were there for 10 years and then to suddenly make up a reason to take them down, that's just bologna I don't think anyone believes that,' Bahrami told FOX 5

'Now we have government censorship simply out of spite because we showed something they didn't like,' Bahrami said. 

Bahrami runs a group called San Diego Web Cam which provides live stream feeds across the San Diego area. 

In November, one of Bahrami's cameras caught two Navy ships in the San Diego Bay nearly colliding in an incident of 'Warship Chicken.'