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Australia PM Says No Point In US Pursuing Assange: "Enough Is Enough"

• by Tyler Durden

This is why it's somewhat surprising and refreshing to very belatedly hear Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese while visiting England complain about the WikiLeaks founder's ongoing detention, though not for the first time of his administration. He also expressed concerns over his health and well-being during all these years of harsh confinement, previously holed up inside the Ecuadorian embassy as well.

On Friday Albanese said he is "frustrated" for not having found a diplomatic fix to Assange's plight. "I know it's frustrating, I share the frustration," Albanese told ABC television from London.

"I can't do more than make very clear what my position is and the U.S. administration is certainly very aware of what the Australian government's position is. There is nothing to be served by his ongoing incarceration."

"Enough is enough, this needs to be brought to a conclusion, it needs to be worked through," said Albanese, and also highlighted a glaring contradiction:

Albanese said Australians were failing to understand the reasons for freeing the source who leaked the documents to Assange while he still remained in prison, referring to the release of former U.S. soldier and WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning.

WikiLeaks and Assange's legal team and family will certainly welcome the Australian leaders' protestations, and there's hope that Albanese will continue pressing the issue with President Joe Biden

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