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Q vs the Wizard of Oz Machine

• arclein

The most rational objection raised against the Q and the "White Hats" scenario -- and its Q-related offshoot about the ongoing Gitmo arrests / executions and imposter replacements of various big names from government, media and Hollyweird -- is that such special operations could not be kept hidden. Dirty politicians as well as the mighty Deep State media would NEVER just stand down quietly and allow The Cabal to be slowly gutted and destroyed in this manner. The very idea of such meek compliance from the Judenpresse is absurd. The "bad guys" worldwide, through their media, would by now have been screaming from the rooftops about the "fascist coup" -- scaring millions of frightened libtards and normies out into the streets demanding an end to the "human rights violations." This is a solid and logical objection because such a colossal operation would indeed not only require the White Hats to construct a stupendous illusion machine on par with the 100 + year old "Mainstream Media" -- b

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