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It's Good When Idols Get Knocked Off Pedestals: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

• by Caitlin J

Of course, nothing that comes out about Epstein himself will ever be as significant as the first fact that powerful intelligence agencies use kids as sex slaves to manipulate our society with blackmail.

Anti-China propaganda needs to be opposed ferociously. US military encirclement of China is rapidly increasing and the floodgates are being opened to pour weapons into Taiwan as quickly as possible, and it's getting almost no resistance anywhere. People barely know it's happening.

The propaganda campaign against China needs to be opposed right now because it's a threat right now, and also because otherwise when the time comes to actually send out the war ships the public will just consent to it, since the war propaganda went unchallenged that whole time. After a certain point a propaganda narrative can gain enough momentum that there's simply no resisting it. We can't just ignore this.