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The Democrats Plan to Steal Another Election

• by Paul Craig Rob

Democrats control the large cities in swing states.  In the past two elections, they have proven that they can easily steal the election.  It is now impermissible to even report evidence of election theft.  Experts who provided evidence were threatened with prosecution, and Fox News management rushed to pay more than three-quarters of a billion dollars of shareholders' money in order to create the precedent that reporting evidence of stolen elections constitutes defamation.  As Democrats control election procedures and vote counting in large cities, they, and not the voters, determine election outcomes.  The last two American national elections prove the truth of Stalin's dictum:  It matters not how people vote; it matters who counts the votes. 

The All-America Economic Survey found that 70% of Americans disfavor a Biden second term. This indicates that a large percentage of Democrats themselves do not want Biden.  In America today, elections are nothing more than a veil behind which the elite rule.

The Democrats have a good candidate, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  But RFK opposes Big Pharma's control of US medicine and the agencies–FDA, NIH, CDC–that serve as Big Pharma's protectors and marketing agents, and he opposes other aspects of the oligarchic system protected by official narratives upheld by the media.  RFK will not be permitted to be president.