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No Conspiracy: Left & Right Working Together

•, by Andrew Korybko

The Washington Post (WaPo) pushed several conspiracy theories in their recent piece alleging that "Kremlin tries to build antiwar coalition in Germany, documents show". Citing what they claim to be "a trove of sensitive Russian documents largely dated from July to November that were obtained by a European intelligence service", WaPo reported that elements within Germany's left-aligned Die Linke and its right-leaning AfD are cooperating due to some shadowy Kremlin plot.

All three parties denied this accusation, which builds upon Reuters' similarly conspiratorial report from early January alleging that "Pro-Putin operatives in Germany work to turn Berlin against Ukraine". Taken together, these two articles can be interpreted as part of a wider information warfare offensive aimed at discrediting the natural trend of political forces pragmatically putting aside their differences on specific issues in order to cooperate on shared ones like ending NATO's proxy war on Russia through Ukraine.

Three Interconnected Conspiracy Theories

This development was first observed over the last decade, during which time three interconnected conspiracy theories were invented by those gatekeepers with a self-interested stake in perpetuating traditional partisan divisions. They claimed that this is all due to the mischievous work of Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin, who supposedly weaponized the so-called "horseshoe theory" in order to assemble what's been smeared as the "red-brown alliance".

The first-mentioned forms the basis of countless conspiracy theories due to the false claim that he's "Putin's brain", which preconditioned targeted audiences to extend credence to the wildest claims about him and his work. The second concept, meanwhile, refers to the theory that the far left and far right are secretly aligned. As for the third, those previously mentioned gatekeepers throw this term around in order to discredit all instances of left-right cooperation as supposedly being due to Dugin's meddling.