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Heads Up, Parents, May is "Sex Ed Month For All"


Since 2019, May has been recognized as Sex Ed for All Month. It used to be called "Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month," but this has been deemed as "causing more harm than good-shaming young people, and, especially, young parents." So says SIECUS (Sexual Information and Education Council of the United States). They have been around since 1964. Their branding includes Sex Ed For Social Change.

What change? Pictures sometimes can tell all…

And as we noted, shaming is out; full-on sexual license is in:

SIECUS also bemoans the fact that "for over 35 years, the federal government has spent more than $2.1 billion on incomplete, ineffective, and shaming abstinence-only until marriage (AOUM) programs." Their goal has been to eliminate them, and the Obama Administration obliged them.