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'Corrupt' Biden Family Faces Social Media Backlash After Hunter Biden Whistleblower -

• by Aaron Johnson

The Bidens found themselves in hot water with Republican politicians and other conservative social media users after an IRS whistleblower claimed the prestigious family had been working to help "cover up" Hunter Biden's alleged tax crimes.

The whistleblower claimed they had made a series of disclosures while working for the IRS as a criminal supervisory agent that "contradict sworn testimony to Congress by a senior political appointee."

Following the news, critics took to Twitter to slam current President Joe Biden and his son's alleged illegal behavior.

"They cover up Hunter Biden's many real crimes. And they indict President [Donald] Trump over fake crimes. Are you watching?" Will Scharf, a Missouri-based federal prosecutor, wrote earlier this week. "The left is so hell-bent on winning that they're eroding the rule of law and trying to turn us into a banana republic."

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