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King of the Simps

• by Mr. E

A King is a fraudster who, through instilling a false sense of authority in his followers, manages to extract a significant portion of their wealth for himself. In this sense Emory Andrew Tate III, and his brother Tristan, are no different. And like a King, this family line has more than one skeleton in its closet.

A Perfect Murder Weapon

In 1975, dubbed "The Year of Intelligence", the Church Committee made a terrifying discovery. It wasn't the shady and unlawful acts of Operation MKULTRA, nor the coordinated disinformation campaigns of COINTEPRO and Operation Mockingbird. Neither was it the Family Jewels report of countless murders of foreign politicians or Project SHAMROCK, arguably one of the first mass-surveillance programs involving private telecommunications companies across the United States. What was found was a weapon the CIA had devised for committing the perfect murder, a weapon that would leave practically no trace it was used on the victim.

Later described in a 1998 documentary by former CIA employee Mary Embree, her research into poisons culminated in the creation of a special firearm that Senator Church held in his very hands and questioned then CIA Director William Colby about its function.