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Rock-Bottom Meal Plan for Those Weeks When Money Is Tight

• by Daisy Luther

It's a meal plan created from recipes and strategies in my new paperback, What to Eat When You're Broke. We released this in PDF format recently and readers loved it. We got so many requests to put it in hard copy format that we couldn't say no! So, it's available on Amazon now as a paperback.

The recipes in this article are all included in the book, which I'm selling just above cost. I hope you enjoy it, and please, give us a review on Amazon to help more people to see it when they're searching for a way to feed their family during difficult times.

Flat Broke Meal Plan

This meal plan is per person per week. Multiply it by the number of people in your family. I've tried to make it as varied as possible, and there are a few things included that are not the cheapest on the market. They've been added for nutrient value.

Obviously, if there are allergies or foods that your family won't eat, feel free to substitute.

I shouldn't need to say this, but it's impossible to write one meal plan that will work for every single reader. If you are vegan, gluten-free, diabetic, suffer from food allergies, eat keto, or strictly follow a particular nutritional lifestyle, this may not work for you.

With that being said, let's look at our menu! Stars * indicate that the full recipe is available in the book and you might also have your own recipes for these items.