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How YOU can land an airliner in an emergency:


Every (non-pilot) airline passenger has done it – imagined if they could land the plane if the pilots became incapacitated.

If these musings are realistic, they shouldn't end well. Most wouldn't even know which switches to flick to talk to air traffic control.

But one veteran airline pilot has set about giving passengers a fighting chance of landing an airliner in a fascinating YouTube video filmed in a flight simulator, titled 'How YOU can land a passenger aircraft!'

The creator is Petter Hornfeldt, aka 'Mentour Pilot'. He has worked as an instructor on the Boeing 737 since 2005 and is a training captain, type-rating instructor and examiner. And he has a huge social media following, with 1.46million YouTube subscribers and 188,000 Instagram followers.

Petter stresses that the video is not to be seen as an instruction manual, but was created partly for entertainment and to reassure nervous fliers that it is possible for a passenger with no pilot training to safely land a passenger aircraft if they have step-by-step instructions from a pilot on the ground and air traffic control.

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