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Moment brave cop takes down Nashville school shooter with precision shots before...


Nashville Police have this morning released bodycam footage from yesterday's school shooting which left six people dead, including three nine-year-old children, showing the moment two police officers took out trans shooter Audrey Hale. 

Hale opened fire in The Covenant School, a small, church-run private elementary school on the outskirts of the city, shortly before 10.13am. 

She was armed with two rifles and a handgun, and had planned the killing meticulously. By 10.27am, she was dead, having been struck down by Officers Rex Englebert and Michael Collazo. 

The footage shows how the officers strategically checked classrooms looking for the shooter before finding her on a second floor atrium, firing in their direction as part of her suicide-by-cop plan. 

She was no match for Officer Englebert, a 27-year-old, four-year veteran of the force who struck her down immediately with four shots from his semi-automatic weapon. 

Officer Collazo, a nine-year veteran of the force, approached with a handgun next, firing another four shots while Hale flailed on the ground, before approaching her body and stripping it of weapons.

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