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Up to 80 PERCENT of US jobs could be impacted by ChatGPT-like AI in coming years...


ChatGPT-like AI systems will impact 80 percent of US jobs, with personal financial advisors and brokers, insurers and data processors at the top of the list.

The warning comes from an official study by OpenAI - the makers of ChatGPT - and the University of Pennsylvania.

The team found that about 15 percent of all worker tasks could be completed significantly faster by AI and with the same level of quality.

The most 'exposure' falls on white color jobs, such as mathematicians, accountants and writers, and occupations making at least $80,000 a year.

Fears of software eliminating human jobs have recently made waves across the globe following the launch of ChatGPT in November and its ability to perform eerily-human professional tasks such as writing emails and resumes.

OpenAI researcher Pamela Mishkin, who was involved in the study, tweeted: 'Today's GPTs can do a lot. 

'Over the past few years we've seen them get better and better at solving more and more complex tasks with fewer and fewer examples of less and less related tasks.'

 'The paper examines this trend not any particular model available today.'

The 'GPT' in ChatGPT stands for generative pre-trained transformer, an LLM architecture with game-changing abilities across a variety of generative tasks. 

The study analyzed 1,016 occupations and their 19,265 tasks and obtained employment and wage data from the 2020 and 2021 Occupational Employment series provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.