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Several Cases Have Already Been Documented of Smart Meter Hacking and Disconnection

• by B.N. Frank

billing errors and higher bills (see 12),

cybersecurity risks

fires and explosions (see 12345)

installation mishaps (see 12)

harmful radiation emissions

mechanical issues and

short lifespans

Of course, the cybersecurity risks alone are enough to freak anybody out.

From LinkedIn:

The Dangerous Consequences of Remote Disconnection of Smart Electricity Meters and Cyberattacks on Utility Servers

Najmuddin Warsi

Chief Technology Officer at Mirach Innovations FZ-LLC.

Smart Meters are an essential part of modern power grids, allowing utilities to monitor energy usage and manage the grid more efficiently. However, the increasing adoption of Smart Meters has also raised concerns about the potential risks of cyberattacks on these devices. If hacked, Smart Meters could be used to disconnect power to an entire city, leading to devastating impacts on public safety, the economy, and essential services.

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